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Secrets for Successful Aquariums booklet

What Secrets do Experts Know To Avoid Costly Mistakes?

We have all had bad experiences after purchasing and setting up a new aquarium, to see it rapidly turn into a green slimy mess or worse, all the unfortunate inhabitants have been killed.

Read on to discover how professional aquarium hire companies keep their installations sparkling clean and healthy with minimum effort, equipment and cost and how this knowledge can be applied to home setups.

Some background information

Aquarium Fx started as an aquarium hire company in 1998. Having kept fish for many years and commercially raising goldfish before that, we assumed we knew something about keeping fish in hired aquariums.

How wrong we were!

Commercial versus Domestic aquarium maintenance

In a commercial situation such as aquarium hiring, you can't visit every aquarium on a daily basis. Most books written on the subject of aquarium maintenance assume the owner is going to be able to observe their aquarium on a daily basis and take any necessary actions to avoid a pending disaster.
Most hire companies work on visiting their installations every two weeks. Between visits, the aquarium has to look after itself. If the aquarium balance is incorrect, the technician who attends to the maintenance of the aquarium will find he/she has a major job to do. The ideal timeframe to maintain an aquarium in the field is 30 minutes. That is 30 minutes every two weeks! Any more time spent than this means less aquariums are able to be maintained per technician per day.

Applying the Secrets the professionals know

The booklet 'Secrets for Successful Aquariums' has been written to be used like a quick reference guide. It cuts straight to the point identifying potential problems and recommending the solutions. It covers the key areas that have to be right before an aquarium is installed in a new customer's premises. These key areas apply to a domestic situation just as much as a commercial installation, so you can take advantage of what the professionals know and apply to every new installation. If certain key conditions can't be met, aquarium hire companies won't install an aquarium for a new customer, because they know within a short period of time the aquarium will become high maintenance and the customer will become dissatisfied with the poor quality of the display and have it removed.

By reading this booklet you will be able to take advantage of years of trial and error and testing that cost a lot of time and money. We would have saved thousands of dollars if we knew then what we know now. Experience comes at a price!

Key areas covered by 'Secrets for Successful Aquariums'

  • Aquarium Placement

  • Aquariums full of water, gravel and rock decorations are usually far heavier than most people realise. The actual surface the aquarium sits on is also extremely important.
  • Aquarium Location

  • One of the most important decisions that will affect the aquarium is the location and the source of direct or indirect light.
  • Timeframes

  • Most people rush setting up their aquariums and pay the price. The booklet details how fast an aquarium should be populated and the tests required to check if it is safe to take the next step.
  • Water

  • The booklet details how often, and what tests are required to maintain the aquarium water in top condition. After all, you are expecting your fish to live in it!
  • Plants

  • Learn about what plants to use and why, and how to ensure they actually grow. Learn how to avoid one of the common mistakes with plants that can actually poison your fish.
  • Filters

  • Find out why a good filter is your best friend, and what a filter's primary job is.
  • Algae

  • We have a section on algae in case there is an outbreak because something has changed in the aquarium. It is important to know what you are looking at before the correct treatment can be administered.
  • Check list

  • We have included a check list similar to one used by the aquarium hire companies.
  • The inevitable disaster

  • Even experts have disasters, they just don't admit it. We give practical advice on how to recover from a disaster without having to strip the aquarium down completely.

'Secrets for Successful Aquariums' Table of contents

'Secrets for Successful Aquariums' provides you with a step by step process for installing your new purchase successfully by following a set of rules followed by the professionals.
The table of contents is listed below.

  • Introduction
  • Getting the fundamentals right
    • The aquarium
    • Tools and equipment
    • Aquarium placement (Rule one)
    • The importance of Location (Rule two)
    • Do your homework on the inhabitants (Rule three)
    • Initial set up requirements
    • Let's get started
    • The secret of Ancistrus Temminckii (Rule six)
  • General Maintenance
    • Overview
    • Maintenance steps the professional way
    • The benefits of regular partial water changes (Rule seven)
    • The importance of correct lighting (Rule eight)
    • The importance of the correct Nutrient Levels (Rule nine)
    • The importance of the correct pH level (Rule ten)
  • Check list for Regular Maintenance
  • About Plants and Planting
    • Overview
    • Don't poison your fish!
    • Plants readily available and their use
    • Planting guidelines
  • About Algae
    • Overview
    • Green Algae
    • Brush Algae
    • Brown Algae
    • Blue Green Algae
  • About Filters
    • Overview
    • The Theory
    • Putting the Theory into Practice
    • What is Bacterial Bloom
    • When to clean out your Filter
    • Why you need the partial water changes
  • When disaster strikes
    • The filter gets turned off
    • Diseases
  • Some Don'ts
  • Conclusion
    • The Rules summarised

Order your copy today

You can purchase 'Secrets for Successful Aquariums' for the low price of NZ$10.00 including GST. (Please note: all prices are quoted in New Zealand dollars).
There is no waiting for the booklet to arrive in the mail. As soon as our website has processed your order, you will be given access to a copy of the booklet which is downloaded as a PDF file - no waiting around. You can start applying the secrets you will learn within hours.


Aquarium Fx used these techniques over many years and know they work. We are confident that if the rules in the booklet are followed, even those that are new to the hobby will avoid all the mistakes we more "experienced" hobbyists have made. Even the more experienced hobbyist should find some facts they didn't know.
If you feel that you have received no benefit from the booklet, then let us know and we will refund your money in full.

Here's how to order right now.

1.Click here to order 'Secrets for Successful Aquariums' right now using PayPal the trusted name for secure Internet transactions. (Note; you do not have to sign up to PayPal to use this service, simply click on the Continue link).

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3. Contact us on the contact page with the words 'Secrets booklet' in the subject field.

4. Click here to have us call you for your details

Once your order is processed by our website, you will be given access to a copy of the booklet which is downloaded as a PDF file. We are confident that if you apply the simple rules and techniques outlined in the booklet, you will be able to achieve the results of the professionals.

Yours sincerely

The Aquarium Fx Crew.


Your aquarium often represents hundreds of dollars worth of investment. Why shouldn't you maximise the pleasure and return on investment you get from your purchase by having a healthy, clean aquarium that is the envy of all your friends!

You don't want to be spending your weekends cleaning out an aquarium, you want to spend that time enjoying it.

Click here now to order 'Secrets for Successful Aquariums'.
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